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Black tea is the most common tea, is the highest in tannins and caffeine, and is the most oxidized/fermented, but yet, it still has antioxidant qualities, so it is beneficial for your health.

We would like to offer you some tips on how to brew black tea for a really enjoyable cup of tea.

All teas come from one plant ~ the camellia sinensis. I don't mean to get too technical because there are plenty other resources online that explain about tea types and where they come from, but I do want to explain a bit about how tea is processed because it affects how you brew your tea to get a great pot of tea.


After the tea leaves are picked, they are withered and rolled (pressed) in order to fully open the leaves to allow the enzymes to be exposed to the air. The leaves are then allowed to fully oxidize/ferment. This process turns the leaves a very dark brown/black. They are then dried, sorted and readied for packaging.

Following the basic tea brewing method, your black varieties of tea will be optimal. Just like other types of tea, experiment until you find a perfect taste that you love.

Some Tips for Brewing Black Tea:

1) Because it is high in tannins, these kinds of tea can turn bitter. When experimenting with a new flavor or a new brand, test different amounts of tea and lengths of brewing time. You really will be missing some great tea experiences if you give up after the first brew and you think, UGH! Try again with either more or less tea leaves, or longer or shorter brewing your water temps too.

2) Re-boiled water will make all tea 'flat tasting'. This is because water that has been heated more than once or for an extended period of time (hot water heaters) has a lower oxygen level.

3) Don't like all the caffeine in your tea especially in the evening? Decaffeinating your tea is easy and much healthier for you than chemically decaffeinated teas. 

Not sure how to do that? It's easy-peasy! place your tea in a pot, pour about 1/2-1 cup of water over the leaves and let it steep for about 30 seconds and drain off. Most of the caffeine is released in that first few seconds.

4) Trying to get your daily quota of vegetable servings? You say, "Now what in the world does vegetable servings have to do with tea?" I say,


Tea counts as a vegetable because of it's health properties and beneficial antioxidants, so pull out your teapot and drink up! 

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