How to Brew a Blooming Tea
For a Unique Experience

Blooming Tea Variety Pack

A blooming tea, also known as a flowering tea, is one of the most unique experiences in the tea world, watching it unfold before your eyes. Just imagine the delight of your tea party guests as they watch it grow and bloom! Such a treat and a delight for all to behold!

Tips for Brewing a Blooming Tea

~For most, you will use water that has been brought to a full boil, but if the bulb has been created using green tea, use water that is almost to the boiling point. Check the directions on the packaging so you don't spoil such a beautiful tea by letting it get bitter.

~Use a clear, large teapot to gain the best view of the flowering tea.

~Add more hot water as you use up the tea for multiple infusions.

~Each bulb is usually good for 3 or more infusions!

Ideas for Displaying Your Flowering Tea

  1. This may seem obvious, but make sure to use a clear glass teapot, (heat-proof drink glasses or clear tea cups for individual serving size bulbs).
  2. Some prefer to put the tea bulb in first and then add water to watch it 'dance around' as the water swirls it to and fro before it settles to the bottom.
  3. Others prefer to put the water in and then drop in the flowering bulb. Either way is acceptable.
  4. Set your teapot on a tea light pot warmer and dim your overhead lights. The glow from the candle will add a whole new dimension of wonder as the light reflects off the glass and creates a beautiful blend of colors and light. It's like a miniature, subdued (slow-motion) fireworks show on your table!
  5. After you are done with your flowering tea bulb, you can place it in a clear vase, cover it with water and leave it on display for several more days, perhaps longer than a week! Makes a lovely centerpiece or display item on a buffet. Note: Good quality tea leaves are good for multiple infusions throughout the day, but as with all tea leaves that have been used, never re-use flowering tea the following day for drinking purposes. Bacteria can form quickly.
  6. Flowering Teas, while not too expensive, are usually reserved for special occasions in my house. You on the other hand may decide to use them for any 'just-because' reason! They are lovely and can bring delight to your life on a daily or weekly basis. There is no need to wait for a special day.

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