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tea party book club, book club names,Pondering Tea Party Book Club Names

Book club names seem to be where everyone balks! Most groups know what types of books they want to read, the types of questions for your books, whether to have a high or low tea and even how they want to organize it all.

But...deciding on a name or even HOW to come up with a name can be quite tricky for some groups.

Finding and choosing a name for your book club that everyone in your tea party book club group likes, can be a challenge, but we have an expert article that will help you out with some great ideas.

I would like to share some excellent knowledge and tips on choosing book club names from Anne Sweden of Discovery Naming with ideas of how to choose your book club name.

So with out further ado, let's read on!

Creative Ideas for Choosing Book Club Names
By: Anne Sweden, Discovery Naming Service

Tea Party book club, book club names,Discussing Book Club Names

In my spare time, I love to help find memorable names for small businesses, products and even farms and ranches. It all started with a blog post I wrote several years ago to help people start brainstorming. That led to the creation of my exclusive consulting service at Discovery Naming.

Just about everything can benefit from having a great name, and a book club is no exception. In fact, when you're in a club that has words at its very heart, a good name is pretty much a must!

Step one, and the one most often missed, is to get out a pencil and paper and write a naming brief. This is your road map and it defines your naming goals. Get together with club members and start jotting down the answers to questions like this:

  1. What does our club do? 
  2. What image do we want to project to potential members? 
  3. What makes our book club unique? 
  4. What is our naming criteria (decide what you do want and what you don't want)

When the naming brief is done, you're already halfway there. All that's left is to start brainstorming based on the perimeters you've set down.

Step two in choosing book club names is fun and low-pressure. You don't even have to come up with actual names yet. Just start throwing out words and phrases that complement your naming brief. For example, let's suppose your club is all about enjoying and promoting the works of William Shakespeare. In your naming brief everyone decides that they want a name that's clever and fun to say, but not too stuffy or pretentious. Club members also write down that their group is unique because high tea is served at every meeting.

During step two, members might come up with all sorts of words that come to mind when meditating upon Shakespeare: playwright, poet, Victorian, sonnet, etc. They might also jot down the names of his famous works, characters and famous lines in his plays and even important people in Shakespeare's life (like his wife, Anne Hathaway, for example). Included in this list might also be words that are “suggestive” of the Shakespearean theme – words like quill pen, comedy, tragedy, stage, the Globe, breeches and others along those lines. And last of all, members can write down what might be called common prefixes and suffixes – these are words like club, society and guild – one of which you will choose to go at the beginning or end of your name.

Step three is fairly straightforward. Now that you have a list of words and phrases to work with, highlight your favorites. Choose the ones that seem to communicate best what your club is all about and pair them up with the prefixes and suffixes you wrote down. For example, you might like Tea & Tempests Club or Much Ado About Books. Or perhaps something simpler like The Sonnet Society.

The last step involves trying it on for size. Everyone should use the new name for a couple of days and then report back with their thoughts. Does it seem like a good fit? Does it have staying power? Did it get positive feedback from people outside of the club? How did it feel to write and say the name? If there is going to be a website, is the domain available? If your first choice didn't make the cut, try the other top picks.

Although I could not include all of my naming tips here in this short article, I hope you'll find this information helpful in getting you started.

Have fun!


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