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The following suggestions for book club questions are meant to be a guide for you.

They are by no means meant to be exhaustive, but to be a guideline and also to inspire more questions for you and your book club tea party, so you can have a very in depth and enjoyable meeting.

A way to start out your meeting is to take a vote and see how many liked or disliked the book. Don't rush this - let everyone voice opinions and discuss some points. You might make notes on comments that relate to some questions you have lined up or go ahead and use that particular question at that time to stimulate the discussion further. Likes and dislikes can lead to a very involved and interesting book club meeting.

Before you start your book club questions rolling, make sure everyone has a nice hot cup of tea and a plate of goodies, and then let the fun begin!

Book Club Questions to Discuss

  • Are the plots and sub-plots carried out in the book in a way that are convincing?
  • Does the author stick to the plot? Or does he go off on tangents that are irrelevant?
  • Does the author use social issues to build his story around?
  • If so, what are they? (ex: Child labor, working conditions, differences in working class and upper class)
  • Is the book a satyr of a particular social or political issue?
  • Does he use issues that are predominant at the time the book is set in? Or does he use issues that are particular to another time, but uses it because it 'fits' with the plot?
  • Can you imagine yourself involved in the book especially in the era? (ex: Medieval, Victorian, pre/post Civil War, present day?
  • What themes does the author use? Do they tie in well with the plot?
  • Do the characters make the themes and plot realistic?
  • What are the points or impressions the author tries to covey? Is he successful in making the message clear or is it just hinted at?
  • Did the title of the book leave you disappointed, or did it clearly indicate what the book was about?
  • If your book is a biography or an auto-biography, does it cover all aspects of the persons life well, or does it give a brief description of certain parts, leaving gaps?
  • If your book is historical, how accurate do you think it is?
  • What is the driving force for te main character and supporting characters? Are they motivated by passions of love, hate,jealousy or greed?
  • Do they have a strong political, social, or religious stand? When your book club tea party is about half way through, make sure to have a break, so everyone can refresh their teacup and plate. This way no one will feel like they will miss out on important questions if they get up.
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