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If you love books and you love tea, the natural thing to do is to form a book club tea party!

On the following pages, you will find hints for starting your club, questions to ask to encourage a really thorough discussion, and ideas of how to read your book so you can easily find the quotes and ideas you want to discuss.

Gather your friends from work, school, the can invite just ladies, friends and spouses, or a mix of all the above. The more you gather, the more in depth your conversations are likely to be.

Just a word of warning though: Don't invite more than you can seat comfortably with a few extra chairs set up in your living room or family room.

The Book Part

Hostessing a book club is a fun way to expand your knowledge, strengthen your friendships, partake in lively conversations, and enjoy some really great food...and making it a tea party theme makes it that much better!

Your club does not have to be made up of people who have the same taste in books. In fact, having different tastes in books can spur very interesting conversations. The most enjoyed discussions usually stem from books where there is a division in who liked the book and who didn't!

Whether you are a fan of biographies, mysteries, historical, factual, religious or documentary type of books, your club can include one type of book or rotate the types decided on at your first meeting.

Stumped for a name for your book club? Our book club name page will help you and your club come up with some book club names to choose from so the group can pick one that suits your group perfectly.

Answer the questions who, what, when and where, and most everything will be covered to get your meeting off to a good start. Here you will find points to cover to assure you have everything taken care of at your first meeting.

This is a great way to encourage children to read more. When they know there will be a party at each meeting, and the knowledge that they may need to answer questions (OH NO!), is usually enough incentive to start and finish a book!

The Tea Party Part

The afternoon tea party is very versatile and is easily adaptable to any need.

Looking for a party that will have minimal preparations and can be casual or formal? The Light Tea, or Cream Tea will be perfect for your meeting.

Looking for a little more special afternoon tea? The Low Tea may be for you. The options are endless for your menu and your preparations ~ you can go as fancy or as casual as you like, (although tea party etiquette still applies).

Each member of your group will add her own touch to the tea parties. She should have the freedom to have it as casual or as formal as she likes. Different times of the year can even be a factor. Christmas and New Years for instance, can be more formal, and a fall or summer meeting can be more relaxed.

Asking your club members to bring along their special tea cup or teapot, can add a depth to your meeting that may not develop otherwise. Sharing special stories of loved ones who gave or owned the cherished item can help to knit your group together.

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