Brewing tea in a pot

by Anne

Question: I just got myself a lovely teapot, but I'm not sure how to make tea in it. Do I just have to put the tealeaves loosely in it?

Answer: Yes, the leaves just float loosely, unless you are using a tea filter which is available in disposable bags or a reusable type.

When your tea is done brewing, you can decant it into a carafe or another warmed teapot.

A tea strainer is handy to avoid having to decant your tea. If you will be drinking the whole pot with friends relatively quickly, you don't need to remove the leaves, just strain them as you pour the tea. If it's just yourself drinking a whole pot over a longer period of time, I would recommend removing the leaves so your tea doesn't become too strong or bitter tasting.

Keep in mind if you are using a carafe, that you only use one that is for tea. Coffee leaves a residue, so will stronger teas, and it may affect the taste of your freshly brewed tea.

You might also like to peruse our pages on how to brew tea, including tips for the different types of tea.

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