Bridal Shower Games For Your Bridal Tea Party

Bridal shower games have been around forever. There are some classic games that are always played, but we have compiled some common and others that aren't quite as common, so you can add some flair to your bridal shower tea party.

See our page for kitchen tea games for additional variety!

You will of course have guests who do not want to play some shower games, but try to encourage everyone to participate. It makes it much more exciting and fun when everyone participates.

Some of these bridal shower games are well suited for use for other themes like birthdays, baby showers, and house warming parties... Just a few adjustments and you can make them appropriate for almost any party.

Bridal Shower Games
Bridal Shower Printable Games

Spice Game

Cover up the labels on spice jars, number them, and hand them around with each guest trying to identify the spice from smelling and looking.(No tasting!) The guest with the most correct wins. To make it a little tricky, you could also use white powders like: flour, baking soda/powder, sugar, salt and other similar colors like nutmeg/pumpkin pie spice, cayenne pepper/paprika...This bridal shower game can get fragrant, so be prepared for a couple sneezes!

What's In Your Purse?
Make a list of items found in a handbag and assign points to each, uncommon items receive more points. After you've named all the items have everyone count up all their points. The person who has the most wins. Be ready to prove the contents because guests may/will challenge especially far fetched ones!

How Heavy Is Your Purse?
Place a scale in the middle of the room(a digital one works best) then have everyone 'weigh-in' their purse. Give prizes for the lightest, heaviest, closest to the bride's, etc. End up with a tie? Measure their bags and break the tie with the largest one.

Saint Claire
Saint Clara / Clare / Claire has long been considered a patron saint of good weather because her name in Spanish (clara) means clear, like the brightening of sky after stormy weather. The patroness’ link with eggs came about as her name (clara [de huevo]) is also the Spanish for 'egg white'. Well, in any case, someone, somewhere along the line thought it would be a good idea to offer eggs to Saint Clara in exchange for good weather on the bride’s wedding day! If you happen to be visiting a church or other shrine of St Claire, and see a basket of eggs, you know someone is praying for good weather. In the Phillipines, this is also practiced, but is also extended to involve a festival in her honor that also symbolizes a prayer for fertility for the bride.

So get creative with this bridal shower game. Print out a large picture of Saint Claire, place a bucket or large bowl beneath, and give everyone 5-10 plastic/styrofoam eggs. Whoever gets the most 'in' wins a prize. If there is a tie with two or more guests, have a tie breaker with either more eggs, or a longer distance.

Let's Get Acquainted
This is for showers where there are many guests who don't know each other. The hostess reads out a list of questions. Examples: -How are you related to the bride/groom. -How did you meet the bride/groom. -Who here is in your immediate family. -What is one unique fact about you. -Give a piece of advice to make a happy marriage.

Give the guests a few minutes to write their answers and then go around the room and have everyone read their answers out loud. You can give prizes to the best, funniest answers.

Clothespin Game
Everyone is given a clothespin at the beginning of the shower that they clip on their shirt, sleeve... The hostess explains pre-determined rules. Rules can include 'you can't play with your hair', 'you can't say wedding', 'you can't say the grooms name'... One or two rules are plenty! Each time someone is caught breaking a rule, their pin is claimed by the person who caught them. The winner is the person with the most pins at the end of the shower.

Dancing With the Groom
Buy a new broom and turn it upside down and adorn it with eyes, mouth,glasses, borrow some of his clothes...Try to make 'him' as close to the groom as possible. As one of the activities, have everyone stand in a circle and announce that the groom is making a surprise visit and intends to dance with all the ladies present, young and old. Music is started playing and the 'groom' is brought out and passed to each lady who must twirl around with him at least once, and then pass him to the next. Whoever is left holding the broom, (I mean groom!) sits down and the music is started again. The last lovely lady dancing is the winner and is presented with a gift. The broom-groom is then presented to the bride-to-be to keep.

Toilet Paper Gowns
Divide everyone into groups of three or four, and give them a couple rolls of paper and one roll of transparent tape. Set a reasonable time limit and let the creativity flow! The only extra items that can be used to 'decorate' the gown are items from each of the ladies purses, such as barrettes, pins, ribbons... Have a fashion show and let everyone present vote on which gown is the best. Prizes can be given for the prettiest, most creative...

Guess What's in the Bag
Choose 15-20 objects that would/could be found in a kitchen. Make sure to put in about half common items and the other half more unique or unusual. Seal all items in a brown paper bag. (avoid ice picks and/or sharp items that can poke through the bag) Pass the bag around the room giving each lady about 30 seconds to feel, shake, turn over the bag and then pass to the next. Present a prize to the one who gets the most correct.

Gifts to 'Die'For
Wrap a variety of gifts ranging in size and price in lovely papers and ribbons. A pair of dice is needed and a pre-determined pair of numbers. The wedding date, the bride's birthday... are good numbers to think about. All the gifts are placed in the middle of the floor and starting with the bride, she will take the pair of dice and roll them on the floor. If she gets both the dates on the die, she chooses her prize. Then all the ladies take their turn and choose a prize if they get the numbers correct. If you would like the bride to win automatically, have her roll the first round and the numbers she rolls become the numbers everyone else has to try for. She of course then chooses a prize, and the dice are passed to the next player.

Overwhelmed Planning Bridal Shower Games?
When thinking of bridal shower games, ask a couple friends to help you wrap the small gifts, and to help you double check to make sure you have everything you need for each game.

The bride might also have a preference for some bridal shower games and not others. She might also prefer none at all. (In that case, you are off the hook!) So, if it's not a surprise, make sure to check with her since it's her day you are celebrating.

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