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by Rachel

Question:Hello, I'm hosting a bridal shower for my sister at the end of this month. Our original plan was to have a High Tea party, but my sister has changed her mind and wants iced tea to be served instead of hot tea. Do you have any suggestions for an iced tea party, or would it now be considered a luncheon of some sorts? This probably seems like a ridiculous question, but I'm really very curious as to what I should do now. Thank you for your time.
Thank you,

Hello Rachel,

answer:Congratulations to your sister and thank you for your inquiry! Please don't feel like it is a silly question, all questions, small and large are important.

Depending on the time of year and how hot it is, it is very common to serve iced tea or lemonade instead of hot tea. (Don't be surprised if you have a few die-hard tea drinkers that might want hot tea though, no matter how hot it is outside!)

I'm assuming you are setting up a buffet style table for the food and drinks. So, on a buffet style set up, if you are just serving iced tea instead of hot tea, the iced tea would take the place of the tea set you would normally have at one end of the table, unless you use your teapots for serving the cold tea. N.B. this is not normal protocol, it is only mentioned incase you want the look of the cute teapots, but offer cold tea. (Make sure your guests know it is cold not hot) If you decide to offer some hot tea, the hot tea service set should be first, then cold drinks - tea, punch, lemonade... towards the middle of the table. If you will not offer any hot drinks, the cold drinks should go at the opposite end of the plates and silverware.

If by chance you will be serving the guests at tables, a pitcher of iced tea can be placed on each table, or if you have waitstaff, they will pour and then take the pitchers back to the kitchen and refresh everyone's drinks as needs be.

Again, thanks for your question and congratulations to your sister!

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