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With the help of your friends you can start a children's book club tea party and be real creative in the books you choose to have them read.

We all love to sit down with a cup of tea and read, right? Well, some of us may need a little nudge - like our young ones. Starting a book club for your children can be the perfect way to encourage extra reading.

Encouraging Interest

A great way to reward your kids for doing extra reading is to have a tea party along with it. Children are much more likely to look forward to reading if they know they can socialize and have fun. Knowing there will be questions asked and a discussion about the book is usually enough incentive for them to finish reading their chosen book of the month.

A librarian in San Francisco reports great success in just her first year of implementing a book club tea party.

So, let's get started...

Invite a handful of parents (more or less - however many children you think you can handle. The older they are the easier it is,)to have tea with you and discuss the idea of hostessing a book club for your children. Usually the meetings are for boys or girls, as the types of books they will want to read will vary, and they may feel more comfortable, but it is not uncommon to have them together. Certainly there are more than plenty of books to satisfy all likes. 

Find children's tea party invitations

Questions to Discuss with Parents: 
Ideas and questions you will need to answer before starting your kid's book club will include some of the questions in the link above. (not all will apply for kids)

Some Things to Consider Are:

  • vacation times of those involved.
  • schedules of summer school, camps, swim lessons...
  • whether or not to continue through the school year. (there are plenty of days off that can be used, but will your child's studies prevent any extra reading?
  • Frequency:

    Frequency of your children's book club depends on the age of the children and parents choice of how frequently for them to get together. Weekly or bi-weekly meetings work well for young kids while once a month works well for older kids and teens.

  • Once a week or every other week to discuss a certain number of chapters, so it's not too much material to discuss at one time.
  • Once a month to discuss the whole book.
  • Ages:

  • The following age groups are just guidelines for a children's book club - individual reading abilities will need to be a factor when deciding on books to read or age groups.
  • Young ones,(4-8 yrs) - you may consider planning it more like a story hour and then have a Question and Answer period or discussion about the characters and their good/bad qualities...
  • Pre-teens, (9-12/13 yrs) - ones who can competently read a book on their own and jot down ideas for discussion and questions.
  • Teenagers, (12-18 yrs) - ones who can read full length books, take notes and form questions that will help stimulate a really greatbook club discussion , and think of ways to ask questions and make comments so as not to bring the questions and answers to a halt.
  • Adult Moderator:

    A children's book club 'questions moderator' will definitely be necessary for the youngest group and probably for the pre-teens also.

    The pre-teens group may be able to come up with their own discussion questions, but will still need a moderator to keep everyone focused and to keep them from hitting dead ends.

    Teenagers will be able to run their own club as long as they have some guidelines to follow. They can pick and choose which questions they would like to answer.

    Book Recommendations:

    Wondering which books to use for your children's book club? A great place to start is your local public library or the library at your school/church. They will be able to easily give recommendations as they will have access to book lists that are age appropriate. Contacting their teacher or looking online for reading lists are other ideas.

    Some series and/or authors that are widely enjoyed:

    It is fun to use a series of books especially if you want to create a theme for your children's book club.

    Additional Information:

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