Chocolate Inside a Raspberry

One of the Cutest Easy Desserts You Will Find!

raspberry with a chocolate chip, easy tea party dessert,Raspberries Filled With Chocolate~Easy-Peasy!

Chocolate inside a raspberry is among the 'easy dessert recipes' that you will turn to again and again. This is one of the easiest things you can do and your kids will love helping 'stuff' the raspberries.

I had made these last St Valentine's Day and because I am diabetic, don't like to make these too often since they are very yummy and hard to resist. We used both white chocolate and milk chocolate chips. In my house the white chocolate chips seemed to be the favorite...there is just something about the combination of the flavors that is perfect, but some in the house preferred the milk chocolate.

Update!!! Add this one to your list of diabetic dessert recipes now!!! If you too are diabetic, I have a sugar free option now for you!!! I have used the Wilbur sugar free white chocolate chips (they are actually little squares) and they are yummy!

You can find them now in my Amazon links below. Buy these now and thank me later!!! ;) To make them fit into the raspberries, either cut them in smaller chunks or melt them and then pipe into the berries and let set to firm up.

Whoever thought of combining a raspberry with a chocolate chip in my opinion ranks right up there with the creators of Reese's peanut butter cups. It's a match made in heaven!

Chocolate Inside a Raspberry

~ 1/2 pint of fresh raspberries
~ enough white chocolate chips and/or chocolate chips to fill raspberries

Rinse raspberries thoroughly and place with the open end down on a paper towel. VERY gently, pat dry.

I had to take a corner of a paper towel and poke it into the open ends of some that held water. 

Now take a chocolate chip morsel and poke in into the raspberry so the flat side is flush with the top of the berry. AAANNNDDDD Viola! you are done. How easy can it be? And they are fabulous! Everyone likes them, even my picky eater!

On a side note: I didn't think to take a picture until about half of our treat was gone, so this picture is not representative of a full half pint of raspberries. ;-)

Also, just a personal preference note here: We preferred the white chocolate morsels to the chocolate morsels. There is just something about white chocolate and raspberries...

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