Christmas Tea Parties Help Get You Through the Season

Christmas tea party table settingA Christmas Tea Party Table Setting

Hostessing a Christmas tea with anything from a cream tea to a high tea will aid you in getting through the Christmas season with a bit of solace and a lot less stress. 

This is possible partly from the good benefits tea itself can provide, and partly from the ambiance and relaxing mode of an afternoon or high tea party.

While doing your Christmas party planning, consider throwing in a couple afternoon teas. They are an enchanting way to entertain your family and/or friends and help set a relaxed atmosphere that is so needed at this time of year. In the following paragraphs, you will find some ideas or reasons to hostess a Christmas themed afternoon, low or high tea this coming season.

Christmas Day

Having a late Christmas dinner? A lovely high tea for a Christmas dinner is par-excellence! You can use your absolute best place settings ~ silver, china and crystal, use wonderful Christmas themed decorations. Having an early dinner? Turn all those leftovers into a wonderful low tea to serve family and guests who are still present in the evening. Everyone loves turkey or ham sandwiches, and most likely there is still enough sweets and treats to round out your tea tray.

Hint: Choose a tea like a green or oolong tea that will help aid the digestion (your family and guests may thank you after such a wonderful feast). Spiced or scented teas that fit with the season are also nice additions.

Cookie Exchange

Being a seasoned 'Cookie Exchanger', I know you can leave a cookie exchange party feeling the sugar overload! We usually bring trays/platters fixed up nice and pretty to give to each family member and then a tray to share at the party. Our exchange ends up being an all afternoon and into the evening affair with aunts, nieces, nephews, and sometimes uncles, so we, my sisters and I, like to include extra foods that help deter that overload.

We usually have some veggie trays, meaty dips and other snacks that aren't high sugar content. This is ideal especially when the kids are hungry ~ we have something more to offer than cookies. And of course, teas or tisanes that aid digestion or seasonal flavors like mint, chai, or cinnamon will be a welcome addition to the general party drinks of punch, lemonade or juice.

A Christmas Tea Office Party

Just having a small office Christmas party with no big dinner?

Everywhere you turn someone has a plate of fresh cookies or homemade fudge to offer. Pull it all together and ask everyone to bring their favorite tea sandwiches, scones, and of course Christmas cookies and other holiday treats. You can provide the tea to round out your office Christmas tea party!

Wrapping Party

Invite your best friend/s over on a Saturday afternoon for a Christmas wrapping party. (Just make sure you hold back their gift/s!) A warm place before the fireplace, (special request to Santa ~ a fireplace, please!) good friends and a nice cozy cream tea ~ what more could you ask for except for the elves to come and wrap the gifts for you! This task is much more enjoyable with friends to spend the time with ~ to visit, wrap, and drink tea.

Christmas Caroling

A Christmas tea fits so nicely with caroling. Having everyone come to sing carols around your neighborhood, and then back to your house for a low tea is very enticing. Nice hot cups of tea, hot chocolate or spiced cider, warmed scones, tea sandwiches and a variety of other treats will make this year's caroling memorable for all.

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