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Being very enchanted with the ritual of tea and the relaxing slower pace it can provide us, I have decided to create my own website helping others learn how to hostess great tea parties and from a guest's perspective, what to expect/do when you are graciously invited to Tea.

There are few things in this world now that can bring a respite like a nice cup of tea. Prayer and meditation are the most beneficial, followed by love and help of your family, and of course wonderful friends who also support us.

The 'rat race' of today's lifestyle leaves so many of us exhausted, wishing the pace of life could/would slow down. Implementing a tea party is an excellent way to share this with your friends and family.

The relaxed atmosphere a tea party creates is not found with really any other type of party. People tend to use proper manners, leaving behind them any crassness of today's society of 'grab something quick' and 'devour it in the car at 70 mph'.

If you would like to have your life and the lives of your friends and family simplified even for just a few hours a week, a month or even just once a year, let us be your guide to hosting relaxing, memorable tea parties. You don't even have to invite anyone over! You can experience the ambiance of afternoon tea everyday by yourself. Just turn all your electronics off, and ease your mind by thinking of pleasant things and try to forget all your worries for 20 minutes while you enjoy peace and quiet and a nice hot cup or tea.

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