First Time Grandma
Baby Shower

Becoming a first time Grandma is a very great honor. It is one we think deserves special recognition. What better way than with a tea party for all of her close friends and even her own children to recognize the occasion and to give honor to her?

It is likely she hasn't had infants around for awhile, unless they regularly baby sit for others. So, in that case, Grandma will need a few things to make the visits of her new grandbaby worry-free.

Little things can be bought that will come in handy when the 1st grandchild comes to visit.

A 1st time Grandmother will feel well prepared knowing she has a little supply of toys, pacifiers, blankets, wipes, get the idea.

It's a good idea to avoid buying her things the baby will outgrow quickly like diapers and clothing articles, if she will see the baby infrequently due to distance or schedules.

Before the baby shower for the new grandmother, make a list of larger items grandma may need/want and pass it around the office, neighborhood, book club or any other group she may belong to, and either take up donations for a joint gift for a larger item or make suggestion of smaller items she could use.

Things like a pack-n-play, high chair, car seat and/or a crib may come in handy but may also get used so infrequently, she might feel it's not worth buying new. It that is the case, maybe the word can be spread for her to be able to borrow a few needed items.

See our games section for great ideas and visit Beau-Coup for unique baby shower favors and gifts!

First Time Grandma Shower Tips

Things to consider:

  • Will the new mom and grandbaby be there?
  • If you decide on only small items that the baby won't out grow too soon, make sure everyone is aware of this fact, and maybe provide a list of items needed or wanted in the invitation.
  • Some older ladies don't like to play games (some younger ones actually too!) so have other things planned, or just plan on visiting.
  • Especially if the baby and new mom will be there, there may be too much fussing over the baby to have time for games.
  • Although this shower for a grandmother is special, it is by no means intended to be as large or lavish as a baby shower for the new mom. It is just a way for her friends to congratulate her and give a little token item to help make visits enjoyable.
  • All items given don't need to be for the baby. ;) A cute 'grandma' plaque, coffee mug or a candle with a nice saying on it are nice gifts too.

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