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We welcome you to explore our girls tea party ideas that will help spark your imagination for planning birthday tea parties, (normal and special ones like Sweet Sixteen and Quinceanera), a girls book club, an etiquette tea party, and religious celebrations like First Holy Communion, and Confirmation and much, much more.

Deciding on a theme or event to hostess your daughter's special tea party can be a challenge to make yourself think outside the box. In general, we moms love to give a birthday tea party. (If you do, I recommend having a little read-out-loud time and read Madeline's Tea Party)

There are other events through the year to think of having a tea party in conjunction with that I would like to share with you to get your 'wheels of imagination' going!

More Tea Party Theme Ideas Below

Birthday Tea Party

All children thoroughly enjoy birthday parties, let alone a birthday tea party! Birthday party ideas are so fun when dress-up, crafts and games are in abundance. 

Sweet Sixteen and Quinceanera Birthdays are special occasions to celebrate with a really nice formal tea party, and maybe even a small family dance following.

Religious Celebration Tea Party

Baptisms, First Holy Communion, Confirmation ~ for almost any religious celebration, a tea party fits right in. The preparations can be made all in advance so everything is ready when you arrive back home from the church. Anytime one receives a Sacrament it is a formal occasion befitting of a formal celebration.

Girls Tea Party Book Club

childrens book club is a lot more fun to initiate when the kids know there will be a party associated with it. Get together with mothers of your children's friends in early spring (hostessing your own tea party, of course!), and plan a summer reading book club, maybe even a year round one.

Etiquette Tea Parties

Like the book club, you can plan periodical 'classes' to give lessons in etiquette and have a tea party at the end to show off everyone's accomplishments. Making it a Mother-Daughter Tea or Multi-Generational, really helps involve more of the family. This makes it all the more special and will be remembered for years to come.

Garden Maypole Tea Party

Maypole celebrations have become a simple dance young girls and/or boys perform around a pole with long ribbons. It evolved to become a festivity in honor of the May Queen, usually taking place after the crowning ceremony. Your young ones will have fun plaiting the Maypole and then enjoying tea in the garden. Basic Maypole plaiting directions are given here, plus links to free books to read for a thorough history of the Maypole and for more intricate dances.

Party Gifts and Favors

Everyone loves to receive a gift. So when planning your Girls Tea Partymake sure to have a little something special to send home with the children. It can be as simple as fans they make with construction paper and doilies or a nice tea cup for each.

Our friends at Beau Coup have lots of ideas for your birthday gifts and party favors.


All children love to be involved in special things. Tea Party Crafts are a great way to involve everyone at one time. The fun and great memories made by all will be cherished for years to come.

Choosing to do a simple project like a decorated folded fan or a bit more complicated like decorating your own hats, will depend on the age of the guests and time you have to dedicate to it.

Planning a Girls Tea Party

When planning your girls tea party, make sure to have your lists handy,(which we will provide)for all your ideas. Lists for games, crafts, menu, tea service, etiquette ideas will all be included plus much more. You will be able to easily see items to gather together, ones you may need to borrow, or add to your shopping list. Have a look at Tea Party Themes to decide which type of tea party you would like to center your theme around.

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