Hostess Gift Ideas

Coming up with great hostess gift ideas can be just as hard to come by as it is for the hostess to have ideas of what to put on her tea party menu!

We will help you keep it simple, from lovely homemade hostess gifts to a simple tea gift basket or a tea cozy, to giving you suggestions on retailers who have handmade jewelry for sale.

A hostess gift should be fairly small, thoughtful and can be useful, but doesn't need to be. Expense should be kept to a minimum, though not cheap. Note-cards, a bottle of wine, a tin of tea, a bouquet of flowers, a 'tea for one' gift basket or if she is really special, a piece of handmade jewelry!

It is not always necessary to bring a hostess gift, in fact, it has fallen out of vogue, or just not thought of as a thing to do much anymore by many, but it is definitely appreciated when one is offered.

I have been on the receiving end as a hostess and on the giving end as a guest and the delight of giving and receiving is very obvious. I know I am well pleased when one of my guests thinks to bring me something and hostesses that I have given to, have expressed delight too. 

Hostess Gift Ideas to Spur Your Thoughts

Homemade Hostess Gifts:

  • Tea cup candle
  • Hankie tea cup cover (especially nice for garden parties)
  • Tea Gift Basket
  • Handmade Jewelry

Tea Cup Candle

A tea cup candle is a delightful gift to give and receive and is a simple homemade gift that only takes a few minutes and you can make several at a time to have on hand!

Hankie Tea Cup Cover

Most useful in an outdoor setting like for a garden party, these embellished hankies cover your cup so bugs stay out. 

Tea Gift Basket

A tea gift basket (or a tea cup gift basket) is a simple gift that you can make up to show your appreciation to you tea party hostess. This is a gift that can have quite a variance in expense, so choose your items that you will include wisely. 

Affordable Handmade Jewelry 

If you have a talent for making custom handmade jewelry, you have it made, because almost every hostess will appreciate a lovely piece homemade by you, for her. Whether you choose a brooch, bracelet  necklace or earrings, I am sure she will be delighted.

For quality, affordable handmade jewelry that uses top of the line components like gold, silver and beautiful gemstones, pearls and other unique findings, visit my friend Linda at Inspired by 10. You will likely find several lovely hostess gift ideas from a simple pair of earrings or a bracelet to other ideas you could use for Christmas or birthday gifts. (Who ever said you can't buy a homemade hostess gift????)

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