How Long Should a Bridal Shower Tea Party Be?

by Pamela

Question: How long should a tea party last? Is 2 hours too short? I am the sister to the groom and one of three bridesmaids. I am the only one who lives locally. The maid-of-honor is allowing me to organize the affair. The restaurant brunch begins at 11:00 and ends at 3pm. She has known the bride all of her life, but she will not be able to come until 1pm.

What should I do? I have heard of bridal showers from HELL! I want for this to be a success!

Answer: Thank you for your question! But, first off, I have couple questions for you!

1. Is the maid-of-honor OK with the luncheon starting before she can get there?

2. Will the actual bridal shower part of the tea party start at 1 when she will arrive?

I am assuming the answer is yes to both of these questions from your question about the length of 2 hours, so, yes 2 hours is long enough especially if you don't plan more than one or two games. (See a great selection of Most Popular Bridal Shower Printable Games)

You will want to keep in mind the bride and maid-of-honor will be wanting some 'catch-up' time if she is really just getting into town in the midst of the tea luncheon/shower.

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Good luck with your predicament. Just keep in mind a gracious hostess will always be fondly remembered. ;-) (You will be the hostess especially for the first part of the luncheon, and the maid-of-honor may want to take over those duties after she arrives. This is something you should clarify with her before the event so neither of you experience an awkward situation.)

Congratulations to the bride and groom!

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