Ideas for a Ladies Church High Tea

by Lillian

I would like some ideas for hosting a ladies church high tea. I would like to make this an annual event with themes, etc.

Can you give me ideas, and ideas on finger foods?

Hello Lillian,

I would like to thank you for your question about hosting a ladies high tea. You did not mention if this is a fundraiser, so I will assume that it is more like a church social and you are not charging an admission fee.

Ideas for themes could include:
~Mother/Daughter Tea
~Multi-generational including grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters...
~Seasonal: Spring, Christmas, Harvest...

It is not uncommon for a group to hostess several teas per year. One in the Spring for Mother's day or just a Spring themed tea party, one in the winter for Christmas or New Years, and another in the Fall for a harvest tea. This of course is optional, but if you are doing this for a fundraiser, this is a relatively easy, good money maker.

Just so you know, a high tea is considered a more substantial meal, but has become interchangeable over recent years to mean a fancier afternoon tea party. A real high tea would include dinner type dishes like roast or chicken, soup, vegetables... and definitely served at a dining table. Low tea or a cream tea can be served at a table, but isn't necessary as long as you have seating arranged for cozy conversations.

For a fundraiser or a church social type of event, this extent is not necessary, even a simple cream tea which is just scones, clotted cream, jam and tea, is acceptable and enjoyed just as much by the guests.

For a full afternoon tea, there are usually three main items offered which are:

Savories: Tea sandwiches, seasoned scones, and any other appetizers.
Scones: Plain scones, sweet scones, other tea breads.
Sweets/Pastries: Tea cakes, cookies/biscuits, confections.

Foods can include but are not limited to the following suggestions. Needless to say all of these are not necessary either. A cream tea or low tea have very simple foods.

  • Scones or crumpets
  • Tea cakes - can include anything from official 'tea cakes' to pound cakes or quick breads like zucchini or banana
  • Tea sandwiches - chicken salad, egg salad, peanut butter and jelly for little ones, ham and cheese...of course the traditional cucumber sandwiches
  • Snacks and treats - Chocolates, small desserts other than tea cakes, Dinner mints, a nut platter, and a relish or veggie tray are also nice

  • If you want to have a special dessert served at the end, (which isn't required, but if it is a fancy affair, you might consider providing one) a cheesecake, a luscious cake or a sorbet/ice cream are always good choices.

    Hope this helps with some ideas for you.

    Your Tea Party Guide

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    Let's Not Confuse High Tea With an Afternoon Tea!
    by: Anonymous

    Dear BlazingTartan,

    You are so correct, and maybe I didn't clarify enough! Thank you for pointing this out so no other readers of Tea Party Guide are mislead!

    High tea is indeed a meal, the last meal of the day. I think if you refer to my post above, I explain that "A real high tea would include dinner type dishes like roast or chicken, soup, vegetables...", and to my link for High Tea, you will see that I do explain the difference in High and Low/Afternoon tea.

    What I find flabbergasting as you do, is that even places that should know better(tea rooms, hotels and other caterers) refer to a high tea as a fancy afternoon tea.

    Your Tea Party Guide

    High Tea is NOT the same as Afternoon Tea
    by: BlazingTartan

    You state that the term "Afternoon Tea" and "High Tea" have become interchangeable. Why would you say that when they are quite different in presentation and content? Also, Afternoon Tea (consisting of small sandwiches, scones, pastries, biscuits (cookies) etc)is most commonly served anywhere between 2 and 4 in the afternoon, and may be served on a coffee table in a lounge while High Tea (consisting of at least a main course such as chicken, fish and chips, etc, along with bread and butter, pastries and biscuits would be served at a dining table.
    Please don't perpetuate your misconceptions. It only makes things worse. Another good example of a misconception is that the abbreviation "A.D." stands for "After Death." Yes, unbelievably, this is what my daughter was taught in middle school. Now class after class of children taught by that teacher are now spreading their teacher's lack of education.
    I could go on....

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