Kitchen Tea Games

Kitchen tea games are interchangeable with bridal shower games, and offer some ideas for creativity. Peruse our selection of games, and let your imagination go wild. All games can be altered to suit the bride or different circumstances.

You will also find that having a selection of printable games will come in handy for a wide assortment of kitchen tea party games.

Kitchen Tea Games ~ Food

What's that Seasoning?
Decide on 10-15 seasonings for your guests to taste and smell. These can include fresh dried herbs and spices, liquid seasonings like Worcestershire sauce and other seasonings like bullion or dried soup/dip mixes.

Lead each lady into the kitchen or dining room blindfolded. Have plenty of small plastic spoons on hand for each sample, offer each one to her in a particular order, and write down what she says corresponding to each seasoning. Only allow a few seconds for each taste and a drink of water can be offered between each also.

Another variation allows looking and smelling, but no tasting. This can get rather humorous as time goes on! 

The prize goes to the lady who gets the most correct.

What's That Food?
Similar to the seasoning one above, this can be as exotic/gourmet as you like, or choose just unusual everyday foods.

For this game you will need two ladies to be 'Helpers'. Set out 10-15 bowls of unusual foods like quinoa, pistachio pudding, mashed kiwi, avocado, baby food, yogurt, prosciutto, liverwurst, jicama... and number them.

Before each lady is allowed into the area where the bowls are,(kitchen/dining room) blindfold her and lead her to them. One of your helpers will give her a scoop of food(small plastic sample spoons work best). She can smell and taste it, and then say what she thinks it is. The second 'helper' writes down the answers according to the bowls. If others can overhear the answers, it's a good idea for the 'helper' who is serving to vary the order in which she offers food, but not changing the bowl order, so the one writing down the foods can write what is said for number 6 even if it is offered first. Allowing just a few seconds for each decision helps the game go quickly.

The prize goes to the lady who gets the most correct.

Kitchen Tea Games ~ Guessing Games

Name the Gadget
Shop online or at your local kitchen gadget store and select ten or more small items that are unusual. Place them on a tray and pass it around the room. Only allow ladies to start writing once the tray has been all the way around and then removed from site.

A prize is given to whoever gets the most correct, and then the gadgets are given to the bride as an additional gift.

Shower Bingo
Pass out papers that have a table of 5 across and 5 down printed on them. Give each guest several minutes to write in each square what they think the bride will receive as gifts. as the bride opens gifts, the guests cross off items on their bingo card. The first to get Bingo! wins.

Having the guest fill in the blanks gives an almost automatic assurance that no 2 papers will be the same, and saves you from having to come up with so many variations!

Name That Recipe
Assemble cards with recipes printed out(or ask each guest to bring their favorite recipe printed on a nice card) and sheets of paper for the ladies to write on. Choose enough to make it challenging and also choose some common and uncommon recipes.

Read the ingredients and let the ladies write down what they think it is a recipe for. The winner is the one who gets the most correct, and the recipe cards are then given to the bride.

Kitchen Tea Games ~ Word Games

What's in a Name?
Each guest makes words out of the letters in the couple's names including first and last names. These are then read aloud and prizes can be awarded for the funniest, best, longest...

Divide the ladies into groups of 2 or 3. Ask them to write a short poem about the bridal couple in the space of about 5 minutes. Each group then reads their poem out loud and once all are read, they are voted on by the other groups. Usually just a showing of hands is used. No hand if you didn't like it, one hand if you thought it was good and two hands if you thought it was great. The group with the most votes wins a prize. Make sure to save all the poems to add to a scrap book for the bride and groom.

Kitchen Tea GamesAction/Acting Games

New Duties Charades
Write out on 3x5 cards things the new bride will be doing after she gets married. Some ideas of occupations to include would be:

Cooking: chopping, sauteing, buttering toast, baking, mixing...

Laundry: starting a load in the washing machine or the dryer, folding, hanging clothes...

Housekeeping: vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, cleaning windows, cleaning toilets, tubs and sinks...

Gardening: mowing, planting flowers, weeding, picking fruits/vegetables...

Divide the ladies into groups of 2 or more. The bride's team goes first and the play continues to the left of her. Each team is only given 30 seconds to act out the word, the first team to guess receives a point, and play continues, alternating turns for the teams. At the end of a set amount of rounds, the team with the most points wins.

Kitchen Tea Games ~ Door Prize Games

Guess the Age of the Bride
Have a poster board with about 15-20 pictures of the bride, numbered 1-however many you choose. As each guest arrives, ask them to write down how old they think the bride is in each picture. Make sure to remind them to go in number order.

Purse Weigh-In
As each guest arrives for the kitchen tea party, ask them to weigh their purse, write down the weight, and hang on to the slip of paper.

After all the guests have arrived, compare weights and give prizes for the one who has the heaviest, the lightest, closest to the bride's...whichever one you choose to give a prize for.

Use a jar or attractive container and place a number of jelly beans or safety pins or some other suitable item in the jar. Make sure you know the answer but ask the guests to guess the number in the jar. Give a small prize to the winner.

Pre-Addressed Envelope
As guests arrive they are handed an envelope from the bride's thank you notes stationary and asked to write their address on it. All envelopes are collected and one is drawn out by the bride. A door prize is given to the lady whose name was drawn, and the envelopes are then given to the bride's mother or her maid-of-honor to keep track of. This makes sending thank you notes very easy for the bride. It is also one of the most considerate kitchen tea games! Even if the bride doesn't like 'Shower Games', this one is a must-do, and one no one minds playing.

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