Consider a Light Tea
For Simplicity

A light tea is what we in America would call a coffee break or mid-afternoon snack. It can also be called elevenses, a tea which is taken at 11 o'clock. Similar in nature to our coffee break, it's a simple snack with tea and tea cakes or tea breads, meant to be quick for the working class.

It has become a simple tea to offer for a casual ladies afternoon party. This is one of the easiest tea parties to hostess. It is a great one for inviting friends over on short notice for a relaxing afternoon tea party or for a casual tea in the garden, a tea for two, a book club meeting, or any other affair you would like to have a simple, fun way to entertain.

I know for me, pulling off a large event, or even one that is smaller yet has lots of food involved or specialty dishes don't seem to happen very often. So many times in our busy lives we put off 'stopping to smell the roses' since there seems to be so little time to appreciate the small things.

BUT, taking the time to enjoy simple things helps us to regenerate our selves so we can be of more help to others and have the energy and patience to be pleasant to others.

Hostessing a light tea can do this for you and your friends. Don't have time to invite others in? (I know, make the time, right?) Set aside a short time in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon, to make a cup or two of tea, turn all electronics off, sit down and relax!

Ideal times to do this for yourself are right before having to pick up kids from practices or school, before going shopping or before a big meeting at work. Believe me, it is worth the 10-15 minutes you can claim for yourself!

Do you ever feel pressed for time but yet still want to get together with your friends? Take it easy and hostess a light tea, which can be either in the morning or afternoon.

Tea party menus can get out of hand quickly, so keep it simple and host a:

Light Tea Menu

  • Tea Cakes ~or~
  • Scones or Tea Breads
  • And a nice hot pot of tea.

That's really it!!

If you'll notice, I put in -or- because you do not have to serve all items. One is sufficient. You may add another treat or a dish of nuts on the side, but tea sandwiches, extra desserts, and other foods are not normally included. Adding clotted cream, butter, and/or jam is also fully optional.

This is a tea where the only silverware required is a spoon for the tea if nothing else is served. Translation: Less prep work, less set up work and less clean up.

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