Multigenerational Tea Party

Just picture Grandma and Grandpa and your children at your Multigenerational Tea Party, getting to know each other and becoming friends in only a way that grandparents and grandchildren can.

The learning opportunity of how to behave and interact with adults and/or people from different generations is an invaluable experience to offer children.

Starting an annual inter-generational tea party, whether it is to welcome spring after a long winter, a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, will bring fond memories to all in future years or when they are separated by distance. Twenty years from now your children will appreciate the effort to establish a tradition that will continue even with their children! What stories they can then pass on! Remember, traditions become established with repetition.

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Mother/Daughter Tea Party

A Mother/Daughter Tea Party can be an endearing experience for mothers, grandmothers and granddaughters. No children yet? A Mother/Daughter tea can still be rewarding and strengthen the bond between yourself and your mom, grandma or aunts.

So you might be thinking this sounds great, but my daughter/mother lives clear across the country! No problem!

Involve a friend or a neighbor who may need a fun event like this to look forward to each month, season or year! We all have a friend, co-worker or neighbor who would love to have an event like this.

Need other ideas of substitute honorary grandmas? Just inquire at your local senior center, independent living facility or nursing home. Most places are open to coordinating these types of activities for their clientele or residents and are glad to have some fresh outside perspective. The elderly light up with young folks around and it is also a great enduring experience for the young to get to know an appreciate the elderly.

No Grandchildren Close By for a Multigenerational Tea Party?

Wish you had a grandchild close by? Having a tea party with neighborhood families or families of co-workers, can really lift your spirits and get you involved in something that is fun to look forward to! It is and will be remembered for years to come by all involved.

Just like a block party or neighborhood party/event, a tea party for the youngsters in your area will have a lasting impact on them.

Live in a retirement community? Inquire at a grade school or a day care facility.

Share your ideas of how you involved others in your family or neighborhood in a multigenerational tea party.

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