Need Some Tea Party Event Ideas for Fundraisers

by Donna
(New York)

To Tea Party Guide,

We are starting a new school, and I am hosting a Tea Social fundraiser May 30 between 1-4pm where we will be celebrating Grandmothers, Mothers, Aunts and daughters. We're having crafts and games and beautifully set tables. I would also like to talk on matters of tea etiquette, the history of tea and how to make a great cup of tea. Unfortunately I am not learned in these matters. Help! Do you have any suggestions as to who might be able to present these ideas? Please let me know.

Hello Donna,
Thank you for your question and congratulations on the start of your new school.

This is one of the most fun fundraisers you will ever participate in! Why you ask? It's because it is one that other people want to participate in and buy a ticket or two!

This is an exciting time for your school group! To start a new school is quite an undertaking. An annual or even a semi-annual tea (a Christmas or New Years tea also?) is a great fundraiser. AND, if you do have an annual tea party, you will gain some regular attendees who will anxiously await each Spring so they can attend.

So, here are some tea party event ideas for fundraisers.

Multi-generational tea parties are usually very successful for a fundraiser idea. Instead of selling two, maybe three tickets for a Mother/Daughter tea, you will frequently sell four to 10 tickets. Example: Mom will come with two or three daughters and Auntie Suzie and one or two of her girls, Grandma and Great Aunt Jody will all want tickets! ;-)

I am of course exaggerating just a wee-bit, but I do it to let you see the possibilities of how many more tickets you can sell.

If your school or parish is on the small side, it is a very useful idea to open this to the public and not have it confined to your small student/parish body. Place an advertisement in your local paper and draw on outside resources.

Lots of ladies love tea parties and those who don't have a special affinity to them will treat their daughters, Moms, and/or Aunts to it because they know they will enjoy it, and just for something fun and feminine to do together. Make sure to have your advertising run for 3-4 weeks in a row so you have a good turn out. If you can't afford to run ads in the paper, print up flyers to deliver to other local churches, libraries, local Moms groups, and public bulletin boards...

One thing that helps create excitement and a BUZZ about your party is to advertise a tea party hat contest. You can offer a special prize for the lovliest hat, the largest hat, the most creatively decorated hat...Lots of different ideas can be applied here!

A bit of advice I do have for you is for timing everything.

For guests arrival and introductions - 15 minutes
For eating and drinking 20 min - 1/2 hour
For each craft, depending on the complexity of it and the age of the girls, 30 min - 1 hour (if you are doing a very simple craft especially for young girls, just a half hour)
The talk about tea and/or history of tea, 15 minutes to a half hour, no more, the girls and/or ladies won't pay attention much longer than that.
Games, half hour each at least.

At the minimum times you are at 2 hours. It's better to leave the games to the end, because if you run out of time, they can be skipped or shortened. You may also want to consider eliminating something if you have only 3 hours. You want your tea party to be fun, but you also want it to be relaxing for your guests. The last thing you want is for you guests to feel rushed from one thing to the next.

If you decide to do an afternoon tea for little girls, I would recommend only planning an hour and a half to two hours. This is more than plenty of time for little ones.

I wish you lots of good luck with your fundraiser. This can be one of the most successful types of money raising event there is. There are so many ladies out there who delight in a tea party and are glad to have the chance to attend one. Dress code (like 'Sunday best') can be specified in the ad, although with most people they understand that a tea party is something to dress up for.

To help you with finding a tea specialist in your area or one who isn't too far, I have included a link to Tea Map. It is a directory so-to-speak of tearooms and tea shops in your area. Please keep in mind that this list isn't all inclusive. You might find others listed in the phone book or some type of restaurant guide for your area of New York.

Most of the proprietors (owners or managers) of tearooms and shops are tea masters or certified tea consultants, which means they have taken classes and studied how to make tea and the history of it.

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Great Fundraiser Idea
by: Charlene

What a great Fundraiser idea! This could be so seasonal == one in the Fall, one in the Winter, and one in the Spring!

And best of all, it's not one you will have to beg people to buy tickets for!!!!

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