Paper Fan Craft to Make at Your Tea Party

All girls love to make paper fan crafts, especially when it is hot outside. They seem to make them out of anything they can get their hands on. This one is so pretty they will want to keep and use it all the time.

Older girls can get fancy and do some extra decorating with markers, glitter, stickers and streamers. Just provide the materials, and you may be surprised at the creativity that will abound!

Directions for Paper Fans:

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1. Assemble the products you need to make your craft. I prefer using a glue stick for this project because it dries faster and won't run or drip onto the rest of the project.

You will need:

  • 1 full sheet of colored construction paper
  • 1 8in paper doily, cut in half
  • 1/2 of a pipe cleaner
  • glue stick

  • crafts, fan, paper doily paper crafts, fan, doily

    2. After cutting the doily in half, check the placement before gluing. (The straight edge should go from about the middle of the short side to the middle of the top, and the rounded lacy edge should over-hang the paper.) Glue and press in place. Repeat for the other side.

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    3. Begin folding by turning face down, after the glue has set, (doesn't need to be dry) and make evenly spaced accordion folds, about 1 inch in depth. Flip and fold, repeating until you are at the end.

    pipe cleaner, fan holder pipe cleaner, fan loop

    4. Once you finish pleating, twist the ends of the pipe cleaner together to form a loop. Bend the twisted part over at an angle, so it points into the center of the loop. Poke the twisted end between 2 folds on the back side, so no little fingers get scratched.

    doily fan, pipe cleaner

    5. Turn over and secure the loop by twisting it a couple times on the front side close to the handle, leaving a loop as a finger hold.

    paper doily fan, handmade

    6. And Waa-lah!... Here is your finished paper fan! Sit back now and enjoy with a teapot full of refreshing tea!

    Dress it up even more with dots of glitter on the lacy flowers, gem stickers or tie long streamer ribbons around the handle and curl.

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