Tea Party Invitation Wording for All Occasions!

Tea Party invitation wording...Have you ever been stuck for just the right thing to say on your invitations? Or worse yet, forgotten important information???

I know I sure have and it helps sometimes to spark the imagination with a few ideas and maybe a quote or two. Sometimes that's all it takes for ideas for your tea party invitations to start coming to light. 

OK, first off, there are the basics that always need to be on an invitation. If you answer who, what, when and where, you pretty much cover everything important, then you need to include anything extra like if you are going to have a tea party hat contest or if you would like each of the ladies to bring a special tea cup to share a story about. 

If your tea party that you are planning is a fundraiser, make sure to include information on any extra things you will be doing like a raffle, or tea gift baskets that you will be drawing for or selling to raise extra money.

The Party Invitation Wording Varies Slightly for Formal and Casual Invitations

Formal invitations are very official and use proper names (no nicknames) and titles ie: Mr & Mrs, Dr., Rev.Fr.,...Normally, Mr & Mrs can be left abbreviated, but other titles are spelled out. (Doctor, Reverend Father, Lieutenant, and so forth)

Keep in mind that the function, or reason for a party will change in the invitation, but the style will stay the same. So your party invitation wording will be different for a girls tea party than it would be for your best friends retirement party you are hostessing, even though they both will be tea parties.

If there is to be a guest of honor, (bride, birthday girl or the couple whose anniversary it is) she/they are always listed after the hostess.

So for example, a formal birthday tea party invitation, wording is usually centered, but can be left justified and would be worded like so:

Mrs Linda Smith
Requests the honor of your company
For afternoon tea to celebrate
Miss Jane Smith's Birthday
The Twenty Fourth of June
From Three to Five
At 55 Horace Place

Please RSVP no later than June Fifteenth

NB: For other types of formal invitations, just substitute in the occasion. It is also noted here, that you can capitalize every word, (except articles and propositions, like the, a, an, at, unless they are the first word of a line) or just the proper words like the dates and names.

A more casual invitation would be presented something like this:

You are cordially invited to join us
for afternoon tea
to celebrate Jane's birthday
Sunday June 24th
at Miss Lily's Tea Parlor
From 2-4pm
RSVP to Linda Smith at 777-555-1234 by June 15th

Or left justified like this:

Who: Jane
What: Birthday Tea Party
When: 2-4pm 
Day: Sunday June 24th
Where: Miss Lily's Tea Parlor
RSVP: Linda Smith 777-555-1234

A Word of Caution in Your Invitations to Tea

If you are using pre-printed cards from Tiny Prints or another similar company, it is fine to add in the special note field requesting the ladies to bring a side dish or something else if you are hostessing a pot luck, but please DO NOT call anyone out by name and request a particular dish if this is to be printed in the card.

If you do wish ladies to bring their afternoon tea specialty, either hand write a note inside THAT PERSON'S invitation, (not everyone's) ESPECIALLY if you aren't asking all of the ladies for particular dishes. Or, if you think it will be easier, you may call them with your request after they have received the invitation in the mail or ask each one when they call to RSVP.

Using a Tea Quote or Tea Poem in
Your Invitation

It is not uncommon to have a tea quote or a tea poem printed on the front of the card or just inside the front on the left side.

We have lots to choose from with quotes about tea, by famous authors and words of wisdom gained from the experience of tea.

Tea Quotes can also be used on little bookmarks with a tea bag attached to the invitation or to use them as tea party favors for each of your guests.

Kate Greenaway's Tea Party GirlsKate Greenaway's Tea Party Girls ~ So darling!

Children's Tea Party Poems are nice to use inside invitations, but can also be an activity for the children. Learning a little poem, especially ones by Kate Greenaway (one of my favorite children's illustrators)are so sweet.

Kate Greenaway's artwork can also be used along with your party invitation wording if you plan to make your own tea party invitations since it is in the public domain.

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