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Are you afraid that you may not have any questions for discussion for your book club? I think you will find plenty here to fuel the fire of your imagination. These questions will help aide your book club questions so your conversation doesn't come to a halt!

Feel free to use these and also to expound upon them. Once your creative juices get flowing you will have no problem helping your friends feel comfortable asking and answering questions.

So, read up, take note, and enjoy a cup of tea for me while you stimulate the discussion and watch everyone really get into your questions.

This first set of questions and/or points are to help keep your conversations going and to help you draw your friends into the conversations. There is nothing worse that a quiet book club! 

This next page for Book Club Questions helps you think of questions about the book itself and/or the author. See also Book Club Questions

Draw Out More in Your Conversations With These Additional Questions for Discussion

OK, say you are reading 'Pride and Prejudice' and you want to really get the conversation going.

  1. Instead of vague questions like 'How did you like the book?', ask something like,'Did Jane Austen intend or hope to break social and class barriers in her lifetime with characters like Elizabeth and Jane?' or, 'How would a husband put up with such a ridiculous or far fetched personality as Mrs Bennet?' Some might agree with these questions and some may not, some may have varying opinions that are opposed to yours. You will often find yourself surprised at the responses you get when you think for example that a character is too much, ie: Mrs Bennet!
  2. Avoid 'Yes' and 'No' questions. Draw out explanations by asking more questions that require an elaboration on your friend's opinion, that is, to support their opinion.
  3. Draw everyone in by pointedly asking someone a question either using their name or by looking directly at them. This can help break the ice for the more shy or reserved.
  4. Encourage members to make a list of questions. Depending on the size of your group, you might ask for anywhere from 1-3 questions. Some meetings you will go through all of them and still have extra time and some meetings you will only get through a couple. Be flexible and don't feel like you have to get through them all especially if the discussion is going well.
  5. Don't squash the conversation by making statements like 'How can you think that?' or 'Don't be silly!' 'You don't understand the point the author is trying to make!' These kind of finality statements embarrass people and they will clam up ~ even some who didn't make the statement or ask the question. Instead, ask them to explain their view and to give a couple examples to support it.
  6. Questions about characters, their personalities and how this influences the storyline with other characters.
  7. More questions about the plot and subplots, how the characters interact because of the plots...
  8. Still stalling? Ask a friend to summarize a topic, for example Lizzy's visit to her friend, Charlotte and cousin, Mr Collins' home and ensuing awkwardness and then maybe ask questions on how this initial visit then made the later visit to Lady Catherine du Bourgh even more awkward or made Lizzy more bold. 

These questions for discussion should help you keep your conversation lively, along with these Book Club Questions. You will have dissected the book pretty thoroughly when you are done with it.

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