Reading A Book For Your Book Club Tea Party

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Believe it or not, reading a book for your book club tea party is different than reading for enjoyment.

The following are some suggestions of notes you may want to make as you read. This saves a lot of back and forth reading and searching for quotes of a character, or points the author makes that you would like to expound upon in your discussions.

You may want to do things like:

  • make notes of great quotes from different characters.
  • make note of important page numbers. (or Chapters if your book club is using different publications.
  • draw interesting comparisons of a character's virtues and vices - make note of how one opposes another and the conflicts it creates with other characters.
  • make note of social issues and the affect it has on the lives of the characters.
  • is the book narrated by one of the main characters or an on looker? Does this enhance the book?
  • Make note of any inspirations that hit you as you are reading. You may not end up using it for discussion and/or it may not make sense when you reference back to it to expound upon it for a discussion question, but it also might lead to some really great conversations.

  • On a Side Note, My Little Book Rant:
    AKA: Reading a Book and Ruining It!

    This is just my personal opinion and are some pet peeves of mine regarding books. Some people I know think I am a bit obsessive, so I think it only fair to give warning! :-)

    I for one am VERY protective of my books. I personally abhor the fact that some people bend paperbacks back like a magazine...(I am actually even particular about my magazines that I save too...) this ruins the spines of so many wonderful books. I also am OCD about writing in books...I dislike the fact that people write notes in margins, underline, and God forbid, use a highlighter! ;-) How many times have you gone back and re-read something and wondered "Why did I underline that" ?

    What I like to do instead when reading a book for a book club, is keep a note book handy and jot down page numbers and ideas and go ahead and make extra notes expounding on quotes or happenings so I don't forget the ideas that struck me or the parallels I want to draw.

    Having said all that though, if you like to damage you books and make everyone else after you who reads your book wonder what you thought was sooo important, then by all means go ahead and mark away! ;-)

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