Savory Tea Sandwiches

Savory tea sandwiches are the perfect addition to your tea party menu to complement the rest of your afternoon tea. 

Savory sandwiches can contain meat, veggies or may be made of just a spread (pimento cheese spread is one of my favorites). 

All savory tea sandwiches that contain a meat and most others that have anything of a high moisture content will require that you either use butter, mayonnaise or something else like cream cheese to seal the bread so it won't become soggy. There is nothing worse than soggy bread, right?!?!

Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwiches

8 oz cream cheese, softened

1/4 c finely chopped onion

8 oz smoked salmon, thinly sliced

capers to garnish, optional

about 4 whole bagels, split, open faced 

Mix cream cheese and onion together and spread on bagels top with salmon and capers. The bagels can be cut into quarters or left whole.

If you are not making these immediately before serving, place in the fridge until time to serve.

The bagels do not need to be coated with butter since the cream cheese will be very effective to protect from sogginess.

Alternative: plain mini bagels about 16, split to make 32 sandwiches or any type of bread toasted the quartered, or thinly sliced baguettes.

Some also find the taste of capers too strong or offensive, so feel free to not use them, the sandwiches will be divine regardless!

The following Pimento Cheese Spread makes quite a bit. If you are having a small afternoon tea you might consider halving the recipe, but the cheese spread keeps well in the refrigerator so there is no need to worry about leftovers. ;-) In addition to savory tea sandwiches, this is great served on short segments of celery or cucumber slices.

Pimento Cheese Spread

1  lb sharp* cheddar cheese, shredded

1 small jar pimentos, drained and chopped

1 c mayonnaise

Shred cheese if necessary, (I buy mine pre-shredded to save a step and the extra mess) and then mix all ingredients together. 

This will make quite a few sandwiches, about 8-10 that you will then cut smaller. If you want an open sandwich, this is excellent on baguettes or crackers too!

*Note: Some like a more mild cheese spread, so a more mild cheddar cheese can be used or a colby jack. I prefer the zip of sharp cheddar though, so you can use your own judgement of what you think your guests will enjoy with your afternoon tea menu that you have planned.

The following savory beef sandwich used to be a favorite at the local gas station that also happened to make FABULOUS sub sandwiches. Unfortunately, they closed up shop so I had to rig up my own... 

I have made these like a sub sandwich, but my favorite way is to make it like a grilled cheese.

Beef Savory Tea Sandwich

 2 slices deli roast beef

1 oz cream cheese, softened

1 slice onion, to taste, separated

jalapeno slices, to taste

2 slices of bread, any style

If you want to make this a sub and use a sub roll for a more hearty sandwich, double the above ingredients.

Spread your bread with the cream cheese, then layer on the onion, jalapenos and roast beef.

Heat frying pan or griddle to medium high heat. Butter the outside of one side of the bread and place in hot pan. Fry for a couple minutes and while waiting, butter the top side. Flip and fry for a couple more minutes. Watch the sandwich carefully so it won't burn and flip again if it is not heated through all the way. 

Quarter or cut into thirds for finger sandwiches. These are best served warm, but are also good at room temperature  so don't panic if they cool off.

If you make this as a sub sandwich, do not grill. This may be warmed in the microwave wrapped in parchment paper for 30 seconds to a minute, but I prefer to toss the beef and onions in a fry pan and heat, then top the bread with the cream cheese, jalapenos and then the warmed meat and onions. (Just heat in the frying pan enough to warm the meat through)

To serve this sandwich made as a sub at your afternoon tea, slice the sub into 1-1 1/2" slices and layer on your serving platter. It is then best to secure each piece with a toothpick so it doesn't fall apart. 

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