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Seasonal tea parties, whether you want to hostess just one or make it an annual event, can really help us take the time to savor each season and each other. Here on Tea Party Guide, you will find lots of great tips to help with your party planning year round!

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A Christmas tea, Spring/Garden tea with a maypole, July 4th tea celebrating our Independence with tea? You bet!)and a Thanksgiving tea are just a few examples of times we can draw our families together, slow down and really enjoy being with and learning how to have high quality time with each other where we aren't distracted with other things, like going here and there, doing this or that... Sometimes the rush of daily life can leave us feeling like we have been in a whirl wind. So take a breather, and plan time for you and your family and friends to relax, enjoy each other, and forget the cares and pressures of daily life.

In these seasonal tea party pages, you will find not just ideas for celebrating each holiday, but also reasons/ideas for relaxing and taking the time to appreciate the holiday and your friends and family.

Thanksgiving Tea Party
The hustle and bustle of Christmas is already starting, and Thanksgiving, while it is still celebrated, seems to have taken a back seat. Being that it's a time to be grateful, we should take the time to let our loved ones know how much we are thankful for them and how much we appreciate them.

Christmas Tea Party
There are so many chances from the beginning of Advent through to the end of the Christmas season to take a break and rejuvenate with a relaxing cup of tea. Take this one step further and invite your family and friends to join you for a Christmas tea party.

Valentine Tea Party
This provides a great excuse to get together with your friends and family and show them how much you love them. ;-)

Spring Garden Tea Party
Springtime is the perfect time to have seasonal tea parties in the garden or on the back patio. No bugs and cooler weather are some of the biggest benefits, but all the gorgeous flowers, bushes, and the lush greens of new growth make for the perfect back drops!

Easter, May 1st(set up the Maypole!) and Memorial Day are just a few times to hostess seasonal tea parties in the Spring.

July 4th and Other Summer Tea Parties
Yes, I know some of you are saying 'WHAT? On July 4th?'

Our forefathers may have dumped a boat load of tea in the Boston Harbor, but that doesn't mean they didn't appreciate tea. The exorbitant taxes on tea made coffee more affordable(therefore more widely used), but that doesn't mean the colonists didn't like and enjoy their tea when they could afford it.

Pack up a tea basket and arrive early to get a good spot for the fireworks or, after the BBQ and everyone is settling in to relax, you can bring out a tea tray with lots of goodies and perhaps iced tea instead of hot tea.

Any way you look at it, almost any time or holiday is a wonderful time for seasonal tea parties.

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Things we want to hear about: tablescape, invitations, tea party menu, activities planned. Was this for a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary or a retirement party?

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