Sweet Tea Sandwiches

Sweet tea sandwiches are one of the easiest ways to provide something unique in your tea party menu. In the warm months of Spring and Summer, you may be hostessing a garden party, a Mid-Summer's Eve party, an Easter tea or a May Day tea party and these types of sandwiches are easy to prepare and are light and refreshing when the weather can be warm.

First up we have what I call my Pina Colada tea sandwich. It is so easy, you can even eliminate the typical step of having to butter the bread to prevent it from getting soggy.

Did I say easy? There isn't even any real measuring to do! What could be better for a relaxing afternoon tea with your friends or for your daughter's friends?

Pina Colada Tea Sandwich

One 8oz package of cream cheese softened

about a 1/2 jar Smucker's Pineapple preserves

A splash or two (or three!) of coconut extract

12-16 slices of white bread or bread of your choice.

Mix all ingredients together and then spread on half of the slices of bread and top with the remaining slices. 

Play around with the amount you put on your bread and the amount of preserves you add in. Of course the more you use of the preserves the bolder your flavor will be, so you may use less per sandwich if you use more preserves. 

Makes 6-8 whole sandwiches which you can then quarter diagonally or cut into thirds for finger sandwiches.

The above recipe can be altered to use any preserves you want. Raspberry, Cherry, Orange marmalade, Apricot...The possibilities are endless! 

HINT: A thicker preserve works better than jam or jelly in my experience.

The following sandwiches are great for a Thanksgiving tea or a Christmas tea.

Cranberry Sweet Tea Sandwich

8T Homemade Raw Cranberry Salad (recipe follows) or your favorite cranberry recipe

8oz cream cheese, softened

approximately 16-20 crackers

Mix both ingredients together and spread on crackers of your choice. My favorite to use are the round butter crackers like Ritz. You will use more or less crackers depending how much spread you use per cracker.

Alternative: Spread crackers with softened cream cheese and top with a dollop of Cranberry Salad.

These are a favorite to serve over the Holidays especially Christmas and Thanksgiving when you can readily serve them along with a turkey/chicken salad sandwich.

This Cranberry Salad recipe is very easy! There is no cooking and the chopping only takes a few seconds in your blender or food processor/grinder. 

Raw Cranberry Salad

1 lb raw cranberries

1 lg orange, peel and all

1 pkg rasperry jello

1/2 c warm water

Sugar - Same amount as fruit cup for cup

Wash and de-stem cranberries, quarter and de-seed orange. Grind both thru medium disc of a food grinder. I throw it in my Vitamix and give it a whirl since I don't own a grinder.

Measure and add the same amount of sugar as you have of fruit. (It is usually about 2 cups)

Dissolve jello in the warm water and add to fruit/sugar. Mixture will warm to help dissolve sugar. Stir until all the sugar is well mixed.

Refrigerate. Keeps nicely over a long time, (months) and can be used any time you are serving a poultry dish. It has been  a favorite of my family since I was little and is a Thanksgiving tradition. 

Cinnamon Raisin Sweet Tea Sandwiches

8 oz cream cheese, softened

2 tsp cinnamon (or more if you want a bolder flavor)

3 T powdered sugar or Swerve sweetener

Mini bagels, plain or cinnamon raisin, about a dozen

OR Raisin bread 6-8 slices

Handful of raisins (optional)

Mix all ingredients and spread on sliced bagels or bread. I like to leave these open-faced, and if using bread I quarter it. You can also use regular sized bagels and cut them into smaller pieces, but I find them to be too thick...

Top each sandwich with one - three raisins, depending on the size you cut them...whatever looks appealing.

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