Tea Accessories
From Grandma's Brown Betty to an Exquisite Russian Samovar!

Having all the 'proper' tea accessories or accoutrements aren't necessary for a successful tea party, but can add beauty and sometimes topics of discussion.

Tea accoutrements can be as simple as a tea cup, but it is more fun to have a tea kettle that whistles, a Brown Betty teapot, a strainer for your cup, sugar tongs, a whole silver tea service set... the list could go on and on.

Some of us are fortunate enough to have our tea accessories on hand. Some have been passed down from Mother to Daughter throughout the years. But if you're not one of these fortunate few, I have good news. To have a tea party doesn't require family heirlooms! A tea party is a great time to bring out the fine china, especially if you are planning a small intimate affair, but you will probably relax and enjoy yourself more if you are not nervous that an irreplaceable tea cup might get broken.

Beautiful tea accoutrements can be found at yard sales, estate sales, second hand stores, Ebay.com and Amazon.com. We got a lovely 48 piece set of china for $20 for my daughter's tea party. If a tea cup or saucer got broken, it was not a great loss to me because it wasn't an heirloom, and the girls had a wonderful time with real china! It made them feel extra special.

From a quaint traditional Brown Betty, an exotic Japanese teapot, to a stately Russian Samovar, you have a wide array of designs and expense.

Tea Kettle
The pot can't call many tea kettles black any more! Some of these beauties are just as durable as they are handsome.

By the way, for those of you who are new to preparing tea, the kettle is for bringing water to a boil(or almost for green tea),and the teapot is for infusing or steeping your tea.

Tea Cups and Saucers
Tea cups and saucers are part of what makes having tea such a delight. They inspire one to use gentler manners and evoke thoughts of pleasantness.

No one needs to have a really luxurious set of china, even an ordinary mug can bring soothing relief, but if you want to have that flair that only a formal tea party can give, start looking around at some options.

Tea Carts Tea carts make serving tea away from the table very practical. New and antique tea carts are readily available.

Russian Samovars
Although this site is mostly dedicated to Victorian tea parties, the Russian Samovar must be mentioned. I have been fascinated with them ever since I first saw a picture of one.

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