A New or Antique Tea Cart
Can Simplify Your Serving

Making use of a tea cart, whether it is new, antique, wood, wicker, brass, wrought iron or anything else you can think of, simplifies the logistics of serving tea away from a table.

Having the tea tray with the teapot, tea cups, saucers and flatware, platters of tea sandwiches, scones and tea cakes all within easy reach can be a relief so you aren't trying to balance your tea tray while setting it on the table, or making multiple trips in and out of the kitchen for different foods.

Lovely Victorian styles add beauty and functionality, just as simple, plain designs let your tea service and linens take center stage. Each has it's own place.

Wondering where to put your cart when not in use? Leave it in the corner of your dining room or living room to showcase first of all the piece itself, but also some cherished teapots, your fine silver, or unique items that are usually hidden away and only appreciated or viewed on special occasions.

Tips for Choosing a New or Antique Tea Cart

When looking for a tea cart, (see items below),take into consideration where you will be using it most often. Will it be for an outdoor function in the garden or on the patio? Larger wheels will make it easier going across uneven sidewalks or the lawn.

Will you generally use it inside? Daintier more artistic pieces will be an added bonus especially when not in use ~ You can have it as a piece of furniture for display. Smaller wheels will work fine in most cases.

Think of the tea accoutrements you will be using. Will all your trays and platters fit? Are the shelves spaced well enough to allow for easy removal of food, serving pieces, and napkins?

Will your cart fit into your home's decor? Think of color schemes and overall aesthetics of the room you wish to use it in.

Ebay.com and Amazon.com have some lovely options (even toy ones for your little hostess) in all price ranges (low double digits to higher triple digits), styles and age.

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