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Tea party etiquette can be flustering especially if you want to make sure that everything is 'just right'. Have you ever been at a party or function and wondered what the right thing to say or do was? We can't cover all occasions and circumstances, but we will guide you on the right path for etiquette pertaining to tea parties.

Basic etiquette and manners that are used at a tea party are useful for all situations in life. Good manners are never out of place.

Etiquette for the Hostess
Every aspect of tea party etiquette will be covered for the hostess so you will feel confident in setting the tea table , having lots of buffet table decorating ideas , greeting your guests, serving tea, conversation topics, and thank you notes.

Etiquette for the Young Hostess
Every young lady and gentleman will feel extra grown up when they have the opportunity to show off their good manners and expertise in the art of hosting a tea party and serving their friends from a tea tray. Principles will stay the same when instructing young ones, but make sure to keep it simple. Remember, good manners are never out of place!

Etiquette for Guests
All you will need to know about RSVPs, thanking your hostess, conversation in general, dress code, gifts for the hostess, and a bit of information about eating and drinking.

Tea Etiquette
Did you know there is more to making wonderful tea than just throwing a tea bag into hot water? Follow these steps and you will be the one your friends call to make sure they know how to make tea the right way!
How to Brew Tea

Invitation Etiquette
Receiving a tea party invitation that raises more questions than it answers won't be your guests situation! You will have the knowledge to create an invitation that is beautiful, informative and a joy to receive. Using your invitation etiquette will assure your guests that it is indeed an honor to have been invited and will 'brush-up' on their etiquette themselves.

Handmade cards are really special to receive in the mail. Here is a site where you will find beautiful, fun and original ideas for your tea party invitations or any other cards you have a hankering to make!

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