Tea Party Invitation Wording

Question: How do I ask guests to bring food on the tea party invitation?

Answer: Just make sure to have 'Potluck' included somewhere in the tea party invitation. For example:
'Tea Party Potluck'
'You are invited to a tea party potluck'...

If you are providing one type of tea party food, and would like to designate types of dishes to bring, just put at the bottom of the invite something like:
'Please bring a dessert' or 'Please bring a plate of scones'

Most people like to have a general idea of what you would like them to bring, but if you want to be more specific, that's OK. All cooks are flattered when a particular dish they have made in the past is requested. Like:
'Please bring those wonderful
Sweet Blueberry Streusel Scones you made for Julie's birthday tea party!'

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