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Invitations for your tea parties...for any theme and occasion!

Tea party invitations are a delight to send and receive! You will have lots of pleasure in preparing your invitations for your guests knowing you are bringing a bit of joy into their lives.

Invitation Etiquette

Below follows a list of a few things you can expect when you send out your invitations either hand written notes, by mail or an electronic invite.

Because so many features of etiquette have completely disappeared from our modern day society, it is highly advisable to state clearly in your invitation that you do expect a reply by including RSVP information. Emily Post is of course a great resource for all things 'etiquette'

  • Include RSVP information. So many of us are busy and either forget or just plain fail to RSVP. (I've been guilty of this before...sooooo embarrassing especially when it's a good friend or a major event!) It is a good idea to include two ways to respond. A phone call and email reply are the easiest, and expecting a reply by mail is almost unheard of except in the case of wedding receptions and more formal dinners and balls.
  • For your guests that fail to RSVP by the specified time? Awkwardness abounds here, but you will need to check with a phone call or email. 
  • It can be helpful to send out an email or a private message on Facebook to the guest list a day or two before your deadline for responses announcing how much you are looking forward to seeing everyone for your party. This normally prompts a reply by those who have not done so yet. ;)
  • You may end up with someone who asks if they can bring a friend...this is a big taboo and should never be done but you may have a friend who doesn't know this and may still ask you. For example, visitors from out of town that you may not have known about. It is completely up to you to extend the invitation or not.

    The proper thing for your guest to do is to decline the invitation giving the reason of a friend visiting. It is then up to you the hostess to extend the invitation to your friend's friend if you want to. 
  • If your event is at a location other than your house, make sure the name of the establishment and it's address is on the invitation and when your friends reply, reiterate the case by saying or replying in an email something like this: "I am looking forward to seeing you Sunday at the Foggy Inn Tea Room!"
  • If you are hostessing a tea party for a special occasion like an anniversary, housewarming or birthday but you do not wish everyone to bring gifts, you can state that at the bottom like so: "No gifts, please." or you can use the guest of honor's name: "Jane requests no gifts, please."
  • Make sure to keep your guest list limited to how many you can comfortably seat in your home. If you are hostessing a large bridal shower or something similar, you may consider renting a hall or a tea room that can accommodate your group.
  • Very formal invitations like for a charity fundraiser, Sweet 16, milestone anniversary or a wedding event, require you to send invites six weeks or more in advance. 
  • Less formal events only require a few days up to 2-3 weeks prior notice. 

Various Information for
Your Tea Party Invitations

We have lots of resources...everything from free printable invitations to a customizable printed tea party invitation.

Party Invitation Wording to know how to word your invitation just right.

Invitation Etiquette

All the ins and outs of invitation etiquette from how to address the invitations to required and optional information.

Invitations for Specialized Tea Parties

Tea Party Birthday Invitations

For him or her, surprise or not, you will have a hard time choosing which invitation to send! ;-)

Bridal Shower Tea Invitation

Just the right invitations for a bridal shower tea party. Great designs to choose from and you can customize your own wording. Whether you want to have the full normal bridal shower as a tea party, (which is very doable) or just a special shower for the bride, bridesmaids and her female family members, (mother and mother-in-law, sisters grandmothers and aunts) it is always a unique and wonderful event.

Baby Shower Tea Invitation

Cute customizable invitations for the new arrival! A lovely afternoon tea is a way for the mother-to-be to have a relaxing no fuss baby shower. No one wants to add more stress to a new mother's last few weeks before the new baby arrives, so help her relax and hostess a tea.

Teapot Invitations

Free printable teapot invitations, and lovely customizable pre-printed invites.

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