Ideas for Your Tea Party Menu

Oh the joy of planning your tea party menu! So many ideas, and recipes to decide on. What fun to look at and decide on your tea sandwich recipes, scone recipes; sweet and savory, clotted cream, tea cakes and breads.

I know I have stood in the kitchen or sat at the dinning room table and said to myself, 'what should I serve?' Then I remember to think of a typical menu. All you have to do then is decide what flavors of each item you would like to serve.

Having a good knowledge about what is served at a cream tea, afternoon tea, high tea and any other type of tea you want to serve, will take a lot of pressure off you.

The Holidays like 4th of July, Christmas and Easter and seasons of ripe fruits and vegetables can be helpful deciding factors in recipes you choose for your menu.

If you are wanting to try something different, remember to test out your new recipes on family and/or friends before the actual tea party. Using an untried recipe has been the embarrassment of too many hostesses, this one included.

Different Types of Afternoon Tea Party Menus:

Hostessing a Cream Tea

Besides a Light Afternoon Tea, the Cream Tea is the easiest to put together and can be done on short notice. This is also one that is very well suited for a casual tea or a garden tea party.

Hostessing a Light Tea

A light tea party is the easiest tea to be the hostess for. Prepare a tray of tea cakes or breads, brew a pot of tea, and you are done. Not skilled in the culinary department? Don't have time to bake? Stop by your bakery and see the wonderful assortment of baked goods you will find there. They will have proven recipes for tea cakes, scones and breads that are winners.

Hostessing a Low Tea

A low tea is the traditional afternoon tea party.

Aside from a high tea, a low tea party menu consists of the most food, although technically it's not to be a 'meal', just a 'snack' to tide you over till your late dinner.

Difference in a High Tea and an Afternoon Tea:

High Tea is a larger meal, and is usually served latter in the day, usually at the time of an evening meal. Our Evolution of the High Tea, will explain the differences in high tea and afternoon tea, so you will know which type of tea you want to offer your friends and family.

Additional Information:

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