Share Your Tea Party Stories
With All of Us

We would like to invite you to share your tea party stories with us and all our readers.

What our readers want to know is:

~What you planned for your tea party menu~Did you make your own tea party invitations or where did you buy them?
~What did serve to drink other than tea?
~What did you use in your tea party tablescape?
~Is this your first attempt at tablescaping?

Share your tea parties for girls, whether it's just for fun, a birthday tea party, or a fundraiser!

Our next one is for kitchen tea parties large or small, we would like to see what you've done, if you are hostessing (or if you are the guest of honor) a regular bridal shower you can submit that too!

We also now have a spot for for you to submit your seasonal tea parties

If you can type, this will be really easy, I promise! There isn't anything fancy you have to do, just enter your story. You will have the option to add your tea party image/picture and pictures of your tablescape and tea party invitations also if you like.

Your little girls and friends will be delighted to see their tea stories featured on their own web page. This is a convenient way to share your story with all your friends and family!

Some questions to get your ideas flowing:~Did your party turn out really nice?
~Do parents or friends still thank you for hostessing a tea party?
~Did the girls or ladies seem to really enjoy themselves?
~Did you play a game that everyone had fun participating in?

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