Tea Sandwich Recipes

Tea Sandwich RecipesTea Sandwich Recipes

Tea sandwich recipes are a treasure to have on hand when you are planning a child's tea party or a ladies tea party! There are tons of afternoon tea sandwiches to choose from: savory, sweet, meat and veggie! The list could go on, and will as this site grows.

Next to the tea, the tea sandwiches you choose for your tea party menu are of the utmost importance. Everyone will expect cute dainty sandwiches that are small and wonderful!

In general, tea sandwiches are light and delicate in appearance, but bold on taste. (The only exceptions here are for children's tea parties, where PB&J and Ham and Cheese sandwiches are acceptable. Most kids do not like spicy or bold flavors.)

This isn't to say that all tea sandwiches are overly seasoned, just well seasoned. ;-)

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General Directions For Afternoon Tea Sandwich Recipes

Any type of bread can be used from white, wheat, rye, pumpernickel, and baguettes, to nice little biscuits or croissants. You will want to choose your bread type according to what type of filling you are using. You would not choose a rye bread for a sweet sandwich! ;)

All of your breads should be spread with butter or cream cheese to prevent your sandwiches from getting soggy, then add the fillings.

Trim the crusts off, then cut into quarters diagonally to form triangles, or thirds for finger sandwiches.

Some sandwiches can be made the evening before your event, but most are best if you make them an hour or so ahead. Experimenting is best for this to know if your fillings make your bread soggy of if your bread seems to get stale being in the fridge all night.

I have the best luck making the sandwiches about an hour before the guests arrive. I do not like the taste of bread that has been in the refrigerator, but some do not mind or do not notice the difference in flavor. 

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