Thanksgiving Tea Party Ideas.

by Mary Fifer

Thanks for your very good suggestions for the day long variables for a Thanksgiving tea party! You have such sweet ideas.

My favorite was the idea to have a veggie tray. A veggie tray is one of my favorite trays to see at any party, because as much as I enjoy the treats I usually feel better, refreshed even, when I have a few veggies.

Your idea of having a light tea before or after the main meal is so considerate and it would save some very awkward moments for us when we do have an early Thanksgiving dinner. Who wants their favorite guests to leave?! It is nice to be able to keep them for a longer visit.

I just love your site. Thanks for the great ideas.

Thank you Mary for your kind words!

The Holiday Season from Thanksgiving, Christmas and on through the New Year, is a rush! It is a wonderful thing to be able to take a breather, either with friends or a solitary tea and regenerate yourself. Anything fresh, especially vegetables, adds to the health benefits of tea.

Your Tea Party Guide

PS. Did you know that tea, because of it's healthy properties like antioxidants, counts as a vegetable in the food pyramid? ;-)

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