A Thanksgiving Tea Party ~
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Do you want to hostess a Thanksgiving Tea Party over the long weekend for your friends and family but not sure how it will go over?

There are many chances to have a wonderful relaxing time with out-of-town guests, family and friends who will be thankful for a relaxing tea.

Sometimes it seems once Thanksgiving comes around, there is no more peace of mind or chances to really enjoy your friends and family. From Thanksgiving through New Years, it is a flurry of rush here, rush there... The goal this year is to slow down and really appreciate the seasons offerings. A little advance prep and you will be good to go.

A Thanksgiving tea party can be a no-fuss event for you and the ladies while the men watch or play football, or after a long day of post-Thanksgiving shopping, you will have lots of lovely leftovers that will make savory tea sandwiches and some yummy desserts to round out your tea tray. Or, instead of setting out bowls of nuts, chips and dips, give your friends and family a lovely tea that will satisfy their hunger until the turkey is done, but won't have them feeling too full already to enjoy the Thanksgiving feast you have prepared.

Thanksgiving Day

There are two situations (actually more, but we will cover these two) in which you can have a Thanksgiving tea party on Thanksgiving Day.

The first is when guests arrive early that day, or are overnight guests, and you won't be serving dinner until later in the evening.

Typically, what do your guests usually do all day? That's right, they snack on chips and nuts all day while watching football, or sitting around visiting, and then they aren't enthusiastic about the bountiful feast. Sound familiar?

So this year, prepare a tea tray with lots of savory tea sandwiches, sweet and savory scones, and tea cakes. A veggie tray is also a nice addition. Have the bowls of nuts, chips and mints out for the tea, but put them up when it's over, so your guests can digest their food and still be ready for dinner when you are.

Prepare a nice hot pot of tea to go along with your tea tray. Making it a green or oolong tea will aide the digestion. Some tisanes, (a brew made of herbs, spices, or fruits and /or blended with real tea) are great also for digestion, like peppermint or licorice.

The second is when you serve an early dinner, but your guests will be staying on into the evening. The evening is another ideal time to host a Thanksgivingtea party.

Your guests have eaten their fill earlier in the day, so they won't want/need another full meal. Take the time to slice up some of the leftover turkey and layer it with some mayo, and stuffing for great tea sandwiches. Leftover ham is wonderful also. Optional cranberry sauce will add a little zip to your sandwiches.

Lots of pie leftover too? Cut small portions and place in cupcake liners and place on a tray. Top with a scoop of whipped cream and they are just the right size to accompany your tea tray. 

A Thanksgiving Tea Party Over the Weekend

Over night guests will appreciate a late night snack before they go to bed. A tea tray brought out late in the evening after other guests have gone home will provide a unique time for you to sit and chat with your guests that you may not have gotten to visit much with earlier in the day. A nice relaxing tisane of Chamomile tea will be a welcome 'cuppa' after the hubbub of the day. You don't need to bring out much food, maybe just a little snack (if that), and a hot pot of tea. A cream tea would be ideal.

Doing some Christmas shopping this weekend by yourself or with friends? Use some of your extra leftovers to make the fixings of a Thanksgiving tea party!

Prepare a turkey and/or a ham salad from your leftovers the night before so that when you come home tired from shopping, you can put on a kettle of water, fix up your sandwiches and put together some leftover treats on the tea tray. You can have a nice relaxing tea for yourself or with your shopping buddies!

Take some time this weekend to also wrap all those gifts you bought. A gift wrapping tea party may be just the thing for you and your friends to enjoy a nice cozy afternoon tea, spending the afternoon or evening wrapping and visiting over a nice pot of tea. 

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