Twinnings Tea

by Mary
(Kansas, USA)

Question: I have ventured to buy different teas in these last few months and have been delighted to find that I really like both Twinnings' English Breakfast Tea and Irish Tea. I do not have to use as much sugar either. I have to admit that I do not really LIKE tea, usually, but I dearly appreciate its value as a "nap in a cup".

Do you know the least expensive place to buy Twinnings tea? Also, do you know the difference between Twinnings' English and Irish teas?

They are so much less bitter than Lipton! We find that we really like Aldi's brand of tea, too, especially since I can use less sugar hear too...

Thanks for your help.


Answer: Hello Mary and thanks for you comments and questions!

Twinings of London is a company that has survived through the years as one of the major tea companies ~ over 300 years of expertise go into everyone of their teas!

Their English Breakfast tea is usually a blend of Kenyan and Assam black teas, creating a medium to slightly stronger robust flavor.

Irish Breakfast is mainly an Assam blended with other black teas also. My tin of Twinings Irish Breakfast tea does not specify what type of tea is used, but I agree with you, it is very palatable with little 'doctoring'.

I would recommend buying tea from a local tea shop if you have one near you since they keep a fresh supply on hand(the shelf life of tea can be limited) or through a large supplier since they will move their product quickly, therefore you will receive fresher tea.

Amazon always has reasonable prices for Englis Breakfast Tea and Irish Breakfast Tea.

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