Valentine Party Crafts ~ Door Hanger

This is one of the cutest Valentine party crafts and this St Valentine's Day door hanger is one of the easiest there is to make.

valentine party crafts, tea party crafts, valentine craft ideas,valentine paper crafts,Cute St Valentine's Day Party Craft Door Hanger/Treat Bag

Simple to make and fun to receive, this tea party craft is ideal for making ahead to fill with treats for party favors, or to make during your Valentine party as a take-home craft.

Fill each with lovely chocolates or little trinkets like rings, bracelets, and necklaces...anything a young girl might fancy! Making them to give to your friends at your Ladies Tea Party? Fill with sample bags of tea, individually wrapped blooming teas or little accoutrements that will make their tea experience memorable.

So, let's get on to the directions for the cutest of all the Valentine craft ideas: 

Items and Tools Needed for Your Valentine Party Crafts:

  • Cardstock or Construction paper in your choice of reds, pinks or other colors to compliment your party theme
  • Ribbons (I used 1/4 inch) to coordinate with paper
  • Tissue paper to line pouch
  • Candy or little trinkets for party favors/treat bags
  • Hole punch (I used 1/4 inch to match ribbon size)

Step One:

tea party craft, valentine party crafts, valentine paper crafts,Template for St Valentine's Day Door Hanger

Start with your choice of pink or red construction paper and fold in 1/2 length wise. I made mine wide enough and just long enough that I could get two hearts out of one sheet of paper, but you can make yours smaller if you like ~ they will look more dainty, or larger using 2 whole sheets of paper for one treat bag. Adjust ribbon size according to the size of your heart you decide to make.

Make your heart template and cut out two hearts.

Step Two:

tea party craft, valentine party crafts, valentine paper crafts,Punch Holes Along Edges for Ribbon

Flip flop the hearts so the folded crease is on the outside. This makes it so the heart hanger/purse will pooch out, making it easier to fill and it will look more like a purse or a pouch instead of laying flat.

Punch holes around the edges trying to evenly space them, one in the center bottom and about 4 going up along each side ending at the outer edge of the curve of the heart so the top is left open. (I just eyeballed it.)

Make sure to leave enough of an edge so your ribbon won't rip through the outer edge as you thread it in and out, about an 1/8-1/4 inch, again, just eyeball it. Once your ribbon is threaded through, no inconsistencies will be noticed. 

Step Three:

tea party craft, valentine party crafts, valentine paper crafts,Heart Shaped Tea Party Craft
tea party craft, valentine party crafts, valentine paper crafts,Tea Party Treat Bag, Party Favors or Craft

Thread with coordinating ribbon. If you are using a printed ribbon, keep the printed side showing on just one side of the heart.

You can start at the point and thread your way up both sides and tie a bow at the top like shown above, or, to have the bow at the bottom, thread from the top down leaving enough ribbon at the top to slip over your arm or over a door knob as shown below.

When I made one with the bow at the bottom, I started threading from the back. This allowed the bow to be in the front with threading the ribbons on both sides up through the last hole at the point.

Step Four:

tea party craft, valentine party crafts, valentine paper crafts,Filled Paper Heart Craft for St Valentine's Day

Now line your Valentine Party Craft with a square of tissue paper and fill with a sweet treat or with another party favor for your special little guests!

These are cute just the way they are, but feel free to embellish with some nice calligraphy with each girl's name, strings of beads, stick on stars or holiday themed stickers.

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